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Career Opportunities

Through an integrated, innovative, and rigorous curriculum, our students will be prepared to enter or advance in the workforce in healthcare organizations with endless opportunities:

• Hospitals facilities, (which employ nearly 30% of Healthcare administrators, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

• Group physician practices

• Clinics and labs

• Home healthcare organizations

• Outpatient care centers

• Mental health organizations

• Rehabilitation centers

• State and federal health agencies

• Military health services

• Public Health Departments• Nursing care and eldercare facilities

Medical transportation and logistics

Medical devices and technologies

• Pharmaceutical and biotech

• Information technology, management and decision systems, data and informatics

• Consulting, engineering and digital health solution providers

• Educational and research institutes

• Start-ups

Career Resources & Job Opportunities
Fellowship Resources
Local Resources

Sacramento is home to some of the nation's largest health systems and healthcare organizations:

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Sutter Health

  • Dignity Health

  • Mercy Medical Group

  • Adventist

  • UC Davis Health

  • VSP Global

  • Google (Health-tech)

  • Intel (A.I. in Healthcare)

  • Care Innovations

  • Blue Shield

  • Health Net

  • Crestwood Behavioral Health




Sacramento Resources:


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