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Student Testimonials

Tristan Moore 

Project Engineer, Kaiser Permanente (CPFC)

Second Year MHA Student

Thus far my MHA program has been an enlightening experience. I started the program with a minima/ healthcare background and within the first 5 weeks, Dr. Heinert effectively constructed a foundation for what Healthcare entails.


California Northstate MHA programs staff and faculty are genuinely there for the students. The curriculum is geared to both challenge and support the student during their academic journey.


Cassandra Schlosser-Jaime 

Facilities/Plant Operations Director, Dignity Health

Second Year MHA Student

When I came across this program, I was actually enrolled in a fully online MBA program. After learning more about this program, I appreciated many facts about it; there are in-person classes, many of the professors work and live in the greater Sacramento/Northern California area, where the program is located. I am born and raised in Sacramento and I currently have plans to continue working in the greater Sacramento area and giving back to this community. They also have 3 great concentrations. It was hard to choose only one concentration as I think they all add great educational value.

My experience with CNU's MHA program has been wonderful. All of the professors are truly passionate about what they teach and really want the best outcome and educational takeaway for their students. The classes dive into healthcare and present real-life situations, not only from case studies but also from the professors’ experiences and expertise. The professors and my classmates have become a lifetime network.

I am a mom, wife, work full time and this program is manageable in conjunction with all of my other responsibilities. Classes are every other week in person on Friday nights and Saturdays. I currently work as a leader in healthcare, and I have been able to directly apply some of my learnings into my work. These are also all the reasons why I have enjoyed this program. It’s been a much better experience than the online program I was previously in.


Mannvir Singh












Admissions Coordinator, Sweetwater Care

First Year MHA student

The reason I chose California Northstate University’s Master of Healthcare Administration Program was that this is the only school in California that offers a hybrid program with the best faculty. This program offers a concentration in Leadership, Service Excellence, and A.I. which is geared towards the healthcare of the present and future. This is the only school in Northern California that offers a MHA program!

What I love most about the program is the faculty. They bring so much of their own knowledge and experiences to the table that it is very hard to get anywhere else. Many of the faculty, if not all, are all successful in their own fields and express their own insights that I value immensely. These connections will be life lasting and has already opened many doors to new opportunities.

If someone is interested in this journey of making an impact in the healthcare field but not wanting to go the traditional route, I encourage them to attend the open houses that CNU has regarding the MHA programs. There, one can get to know the faculty and build connections to clarify anything questions one may have. The best piece of advice I can give is to just start! Start by taking a small step and together these small steps will accumulate to something beautiful!


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